Henrik Lein 2023 WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE            My name is Henrik and I work with 3D software.                The first tentative beginnings in the field of computer graphics date back to the 90s.                At the same the perception of taste in form and color design was strongly influenced  by the american and japanese comic culture of the 80s as well Hollywood sci-fi movie productions from that time.  Even today, the appearence of my work reflects influences from the late 80s.  With modern 3D techniques it is also possible for me to model and graphically represent design classics, and the design possibilities of self-designed objects offer a nice contrast to today`s sea habits. On this page I would like to present a small collection of work in different picture galleries.  I hope you enjoy looking through my compiled images and videos. On ARTSTATION and YOUTUBE can you find more works from me. All shown works are modeled, textures, lit and staged by me with Cinema 4D. PROJECT WORKS: Honda RC 142 - Racing Machine with the King Shaft and the  Honda Jet Token.